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Cake Dessert Box
Cake Dessert Box
Cake Dessert Box

Cake Dessert Box

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Description - Cake Dessert Box  (Available Easter Weekend only) 

You don't want to miss out on our new pimped up Cake Dessert Box with 8 delicious flavours exclusive for Easter. Serves either 8 dessert slices or 16 coffee slices.      Overall size: 8" x 8" (per slice 4" x 2"). The box includes our most popular flavours:

- Red Velvet with cream cheese

- Raspberry White Chocolate with white chocolate ganache

- White Chocolate Passionfruit with Passionfruit Curd

- Coconut White Chocolate with Lemon Curd

- Caramel Mud with Caramel Sauce

- Orange and Almond with Vanilla Italian Buttercream

- Carrot Cake with cream cheese

- Chocolate Mud with chocolate ganache

 Storage: Please store CAKES in packaging provided and place into the fridge prior to transporting and displaying. Your CAKES are best served at room temperature and can be displayed prior to your guests arriving making sure that they are out of direct sunlight.

We believe in creating our products by hand using quality ingredients and supplies with absolutely NO PACKET MIXES allowed making us stand out from the manufactured kind! Our products contain chocolate, butter, eggs, gluten, soy and we do not add ANY NUTS to our products but still may contain traces. No preservatives are added so our CAKES and CUPCAKES are best consumed within 3-5 days and only NATURAL flavours are added. 

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